☀️Learning Centers Made Simple!☀️

Hello everyone!

Have you wanted to try learning centers in your classroom, but weren’t sure where to start?  🌋

Have you tried centers and not been successful?  

If you answered yes to either of these questions, read on and I will try and answer some basic questions teachers often have about math and literacy centers.

Let’s start with the basics! 🅱 

What does a center-based classroom look like? 

A well-run center-based classroom will have small groups of children working independently at all of the centers, the teacher leading a small group at the guided reading center and perhaps a parent facilitating another center.  The children will be engaged in the activities, well trained about the procedures, and involved in their own learning.

What’s the rationale?
Learning centers facilitate growth and learning!

💭 Learning centers provide an opportunity for small-group

reading instruction.

💭  Learning centers enhance student learning.

💭  Learning centers teach students responsibility.

💭  Learning centers allow you to teach to a variety of

learning styles.

💭  Learning centers offer a wider variety of activities for

students to learn from.

💭  Learning centers allow students to work at their own level

while reviewing and practicing skills.

💭  Learning centers promote cooperative learning

 Stay tuned for the next post and the answers to some common questions about Learning Centers.
Happy Teaching😊,

For more in depth information on running centers in an elementary classroom Click Here!


from Fun To Teach ESL – Teaching English as a Second Language http://esleld.blogspot.com/2016/08/learning-centers-made-simple.html


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