♥️ Past Tense Verb Bundle! ♥️

Hello everyone💜.  

I have been asked many times to bundle my past tense verb games and I finally did!  Now you can get all 3 past tense verb games and the ‘Regular Past Tense Verb Song’ in one great package.  So get ready for some fun and click here to hop on over to my Teachers Pay Teachers store! ☑️
We know that children learn best through play and this  English Past Tense Verb bundle reinforces the past participle, regular, and irregular past tense with 3 exciting grammar games and an entertaining song with an upbeat catchy tune.  👉🏾I have also included visuals, game cards and activities you can use quickly and easily.  Your students will be singing and playing their way to a higher English level.
This bundle contains 184 pages of exciting academic past tense verb review.  I have included all 3 of my past tense verb games and the regular past tense verb song packet.  It is a bundle of educational activities that will entice students of all ages and increase academic vocabulary, strengthen grammar and build a strong English foundation with games and songs!
This fun and fabulous Past Tense Verb bundle includes:
Irregular Past Tense Verb Game
 • 3 Sounds of “ed” Past Tense Verb Game

•Past Participle Verb Game

•Regular Past Tense Verb Song


So what are you waiting for  
Jump on over to Teachers Pay Teachers (click here) and check out this super past tense verb bundle that needs to be in your toolbox today!

I hope your summer is going well!
Happy Teaching!
Lori Wolfe

from Fun To Teach ESL – Teaching English as a Second Language http://esleld.blogspot.com/2016/07/past-tense-verb-bundle.html


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