3 Thematic-Based Vocabulary Learning Websites

Let’s continue talking about online vocabulary resources! Today, I’d like to introduce three vocabulary websites for beginning-level learners, in which vocabulary items are organized based on themes. The features provided in these websites allow using them in class as well as for learning vocabulary independently.

Learn English Vocabulary

What I particularly like about website is the visual component. Most vocabulary items come with a picture, which makes the learning process more effective, especially for beginning learners. Another helpful feature is “Naturally Speaking”: it demonstrates how to use target vocabulary items in phrases and sentences. In the same section, you can also find a short dialogue on the target topic. Finally, for each theme, the websites offers several assessment exercises including “Word Search,” “Hangman,” crosswords, vocabulary, dictation, and spelling tests. These assessment activities can be particularly helpful for those learners who use this website for their independent study.


This is another thematic-based vocabulary resource that is perfect for beginners. Similar to the previous website, the words here are organized by topics, but in addition to pictures, the vocabulary items come with pronunciation. When learners click on the target picture, they will see the word and hear its pronunciation. For assessment purposes, learners can use “Speaking Challenge” or “Listening Challenge”—both tools give learners the opportunity to quiz themselves on the meaning and practice the pronunciation of the target vocabulary item.

Interactive English Vocabulary Exercises Online

Once again, the vocabulary items are classified based on themes. This website includes a number of short and simple video-based vocabulary lessons. In addition to the single words, some video lessons include phrases or sentences, for example, talking about weather, telling time, etc. To make the learning more fun, the website has a number of vocabulary games. For example, in listening memory games, learners need to match the spelling of the word with its pronunciation. In picture labeling games, learners need to drag the label to the right spot in the picture.

I hope you can recommend these online tools to your beginning learners (or use them in your own classes) to help them acquire thematic vocabulary.


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